Green Climate Fund Identity

The Green Climate Fund, headquartered in Songdo Smart City, South Korea, finances sustainable, climate-resilient development on an unprecedented global scale. It is the world's largest agency of its kind.

RDA was chosen to develop the Fund's visual identity, and a comprehensive arsenal of launch materials rolled out during Climate Week, NYC, and several high-level meetings over the fall and winter of 2014.

Rather than dividing the earth into continents and oceans, the identity we developed unifies the image of the globe as one precious green sphere. It conveys a new perspective on low-emission, climate-resilient global development on our home planet.

The earth is represented in an icosahedral model, using triangles, rather than the traditional latitude-longitude mesh: a globe tied to innovative climate science. The logo evokes the architectural look of diagrid construction that has become a hallmark of sustainability and energy efficiency.