Covid-19 Signage for Greenport, NY

In the effort to stop the COVID-19 spread, and safely return to business, there is a need for clear information, uniformly communicated in public spaces.

In a town-wide pilot program, we developed a highly graphic signage system to encourage safe behavior in the seaside village of Greenport, an early infection hotspot. This was of particular urgency as the village population swells to several times its regular size in summer, and the local businesses depend on the influx of tourists during the warmer months.

In a first phase, large banners and small window posters were installed before Memorial Day weekend, providing direct, physical reminders of how the the public can take an active role in public safety. The second, ongoing phase, will see the addition of large overhead banners at all entrances to town, along with pavement markings indicating safe movement, especially in bottleneck situations.

Creative Director: Margot Perman
Project team: Cynthia Brennan, Sonja Derr, Sonia Spar